Daily texts and pics of your pet(s)

Then it`s Bon Voyage! We will have fun without you, I promise!

Daily Drop Ins, Dog Walking Pet Sitting Vandalia, Clayton, Englewood areas!

Lights turned on and off!

3)  You provide me proof of rabies vaccine (other vaccines are optional as we realize some pets may not receive them due to medical conditions).

Does Fido need to go to the vet for a checkup or does Fifi need a spa day? We can take them to their appointments and save you the valuable time of late after work appointments or from taking off work early. Lucky Mutz has you covered! Must be in a certain mile radius or additional charges may apply.

*As always, pets are securely and safely fastened in the seat.

Daily Dog Walking

Pet Sitting

"We go the extra mile!"


​​Daily Drop In


When You are traveling or have to be away on business, your pets can stay in the comfort of their own home, in a safe, stress free environment without the worries of injury or contracting an illness from another pet. 

Our services include:

*3-4 Visits a day 

*30-45 Minute stays each visit

*Daily walks if requested

*Playtime for excercise

*Administer medications as  needed

We try hard to keep your pets close to the schedules they`re accustomed to.

1)  Call me at (570) 908-9311 or email at info@luckymutz.com

No “Every Other Day Visits”

For the protection of your animal(s), we don`t do every other day visits. Unforeseen things can occur while you`re away and we at Lucky Mutz want to ensure the safety and best outcome for your pet(s).

No “Ignoring the Cat”

As a pet care professional, I cannot ignore additional pets in the household needing care, and we may require an additional fee for the care of the additional pets. TBD at the Meet and Greet visit.

No “Shared Visits’

Lucky Mutz is solely responsible for the care of your pet. When others are permitted in the home, “things happen” and we cannot be held responsible.

No “Set in Stone” Times

Naturally, we try hard to, accommodate the needs of your pets, keeping them as close to the schedule they`re accustomed to. Unless a medical condition requires a specific visit time, the schedule is usually like this:

Morning Visits: 7-8:30

Mid-Day Visits: 12-2:30

Evening Visits: 7-8:30

In case of an emergency we have a backup plan. Another staff member will take care of your pet at their scheduled visits. We also carry a “Pet Sitter Emergency Card” at all times. This notifies law enforcement, first responders, back up sitters and proper authorities in the event of an emergency.

​​Trash cans taken out and brought in on trash day!

​Pet Taxi Service

Indoor and outdoor plants watered if requested!

Brushing/Combing your pets

We realize the demands of a job and sometimes longer hours it requires. It can take it`s  toll it  on our pets. But, it is just one of the necessities of life!  No need to worry! That`s why we at Lucky Mutz offer daily walks for your pooch because they need their exercise too. This includes a 20 minute walk and water refresh. Healthy pets are happy pets!

There is a small extra fee for walking two dogs. When you get home they will be wagging and so happy to see you!

2)  We set up a meet and greet with you and your pet. Then we decide if we are a good fit!

​         Taxi Service

Hung up at work, have a late appointment? Sometimes it`s just one of those days! No problem! We can pop in for a 15 min. "let out" and "refresh their water". Or  if you are really late I`d be happy to feed those furbabies! This will give you the time you need to finish your day, make your appointment, see the kids ballgame and not worry about rushing home for your furry friend!

Daily Drop Ins, Dog Walking, Pet Sitting in Vandalia, Clayton, Englewood areas

​Call me for your "FREE" Meet and Greet consultation

4)  You set up a time to sign the contract, I pick up your key (or garage code), and go over any special instructions for your home or pet. * Full payment is due at reservation. 

Blinds or curtains pulled and opened!

Mail and packages collected

​​So how does this work?